What it means to Worship



I have a confession.

I am a worshiper who hasn’t been worshiping.

I know! It’s beyond terrible, beyond reprehensible.

But it’s truth.

You see, I was reminded of something a few days ago. My pastor posted a video from T.D. Jakes titled Living with Uncertainty and listening to what that preacher man said reminded me of something. Something that in the midst of my worry and inner crisis, I had forgotten.

But before I go there I want to share something first. The word in the picture I posted with this, baruch, means to bless. Now, not too many people know this, but to bless someone literally means to bow down to them. In Genesis 24:48 it says,

“And I bowed down my head and worshiped the Lord and blessed the Lord, the God of my master Abraham, Who had led me in the right way to take my master’s brother’s daughter to his son.” (from the Amplified, emphasis added by me)

To worship is to literally put God higher than yourself, to bow before Him, to physically put yourself lower than Him. Can I just say “WHOA!”  I mean those Israelites really got what it meant to worship someone. It brings the whole reason why Mordecai,Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego all wouldn’t bow down to the king to light with new understanding. Because they understood that in doing so, they would be putting the king not just physically, but spiritually, above God and they weren’t about to even symbolically do that. They loved the Lord too much to do that. I mean, you have to figure they loved Him because they were willing to give their lives for Him.  At least it sounds like love to me.

So, to commence on what I started out in saying and to tie all of this together, let’s get back to the T.D. Jakes video. I’ve actually had to listen to it several times because it’s just that good. Cause you see, I worry. I do. My problems seem to loom over me, sometimes getting so big, that not only do they cloud my vision, they make it hard for me to breathe, to even function. But Pastor Jakes made such a good point, one that I stopped remembering. When we worship the Lord, when we bow down, and bless Him with our worship, our eyes aren’t on the problem. Their on Him. He steps to the center of our vision, above us, taking up all of our vision and the problems, oh those dark, pesky worries and problems are behind Him. Instead of the problems being bigger than me, He’s bigger than my problems and my focus shifts off of me, and onto Him. His goodness, His faithfulness, His blessing, His love, His just stinking awesomeness!! When I focus on Him, I’m reminded of just HOW GOOD He’s been to me, how He’s never, not once let me down or me and my kids go without. NOT ONCE. And my heart swells with not just my love for Him, which grows more and more, but with His love for me, which is enough to get lost in. (Yes, please!!)

So, if your problems are seeming bigger than you and the solutions seem short in coming, bow down, bless the Lord and worship Him. Get a focus shift and trust in His goodness. If ya gotta wear blinders, they might as well be filled with Him, right?


About jenniferleanne1129924

I am a homeschooling mom to two amazing boys who is also a full time student (almost there, almost there-just one more semester! yea, me!!) who is passionately in love with Jesus and who also just happens to be married to a wonderful man who is also crazy about Jesus and is in prison. (Sorry that I just dropped that bomb on ya) I'm excited to share our life with you and to see the Lord move!
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2 Responses to What it means to Worship

  1. Lisa Gates says:

    Wow, LeAnne, that was awesome!

    Very well written! Terrific topic! I’m sharing to my daughter!


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